Welcome to the official Recall/Help Save NJ Info Page. Moving forward this will be the place to receive all official messages from The Committee to Recall Philip Dunton Murphy. This format will make it easier for everyone to share instead of having to always come to the website to see everything. Also there’s no way to share individual sections of the site, just pages. We’re always looking to improve the site to make it more user friendly. If you have any suggestions or criticism, feel free to email us at info.helpsavenj.com or [email protected]. Also we have many new things in the works. Be sure to check back often.

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I am the moderator/Administrator of Help Save NJ, The Official Website Of the Murphy Recall. I am the sites problem solver. I'm one of the original Volunteers which was there for the first Committee to Present. I've sacrificed a lot for everyone to be able to sign that Petition. I started by not wanting any recognition, which continues to this day. Very few of you know my real name & even fewer know who i really am ; )!

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