Without an operating budget, it will be impossible to succeed in Recalling Murphy. Murphy has a near endless budget to combat the hardworking every day citizens of Our once great state. Murphy can also call on progressive heavyweights like Soros to provide him with necessary funding or to initiate smear campaigns against us. The fact that Murphy hasn’t lifted a finger so far, is because he doesn’t deem us a threat. We’re a small Bipartisan group with no backing from either of the main political parties in the State or any endorsements from any politician or candidates locally or nationally worth their salt! We’re in contact with other states that are running their own recall efforts to remove politicians their not ideologically in agreement with & each one of them have a donor funded budget. This in part gives them the legs they need to succeed. For example in Colorado, one can’t start a recall without having a certain amount of money. 

For us, we need to advertise, political signs, flyers, big venues, permits, a center to operate out of, etc.. Regardless of what everyone thinks this is a Political Committee & we have to operate like one. We all are thankful for the overwhelming support we received from the beginning. We’re asking you to help us continue the fight & see this all the way through. Lets finish this! Help us Recall Murphy. Please Donate!

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I am the moderator/Administrator of Help Save NJ, The Official Website Of the Murphy Recall. I am the sites problem solver. I'm one of the original Volunteers which was there for the first Committee to Present. I've sacrificed a lot for everyone to be able to sign that Petition. I started by not wanting any recognition, which continues to this day. Very few of you know my real name & even fewer know who i really am ; )!

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