Help Save New Jersey!

This site was created to give the citizens of New Jersey a place to come Educate, Inform, & Coordinate to Help Save Our Declining State of NJ.

For years We The People of New Jersey have sat back & watched our great state rapidly decline. Trenton has mismanaged the state for years. Nothing has become better, but Trenton’s heavy hand keeps getting heavier. We are the most overtaxed state in the Nation!

With the recent 2017 Gubernatorial election of Phil Murphy, the burden of New Jersey’s residents have become crushing. Unfortunately, he’s just getting started. Murphy has vowed to raise taxes across the board. With Murphy’s election he’s also ushered in policies to turn New Jersey in to a Sanctuary State & strip Law Abiding Citizens of their Second Amendment Rights.

Voter turnout for the 2017 election was just 38.5%. 61.5% of the New Jersey electorate chose to sit home. I could go on to say that Murphy wasn’t voted in by half of us, but the very same could be said about Christie. Overall Murphy’s policies do not represent the hardworking people of New Jersey. The people of New Jersey want Law & Order. Not a Sanctuary reprieve for Illegals & Criminals!

Murphy is only one evil. The other rests in the Statehouse in Trenton. They’ve been there a lot longer & are the bigger overall cause to New Jersey’s issues!

With all that being said (which is brief), I ask you to join with us to Help Save New Jersey!

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