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      INDEPENDENT-ZONE; SOUTH JERSEY; ALL-OF-IT. + TRI-STATE, DELAWARE VALLEY REGION ; FUCK FAKE NEWS; GET-IN-THE-REAL-KNOW ; Lets, also; Star- some; > FREE ADMIT LIVE-MEET-UPS: Brigantine-Atlantic City + Down Beach Areas: Ventnor to Cape May. And get the parlay, started. WE WELCOME ANYONE. FROM: ANY, PARTY. TOO, DISCUSS: LOCAL AND NATIONAL POLITICS. WITHOUT, BEING BULLIED. > 1- 2-> Seeking <SOUTH JERSEY< ; Television & Radio Productions: STARRING YOU<< ,:: Fun-at-the-shore, for everyone. Come, inside. Lets, get acquainted towards: Legalizing, The Constitution & Building, Better America. They say.... Built it they will come. Well YOU AND I NED TO BUILD IT [email protected]!!!! So.... Lets do it! <3 NOT INDEPENDENT ZONE <
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    • 6 months, 4 weeks ago

       Francine Star

    • Atlantic County
      Let's get organized and attend some local events to get signatures.
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      Welcome Volunteer Thank you for volunteering to be a circulator it is the most important part of this campaign. As a circulator it often works best if you team up in a buddy system with others when you are canvasing. Each petition signature page begins with a space for the name of the county where the signers reside. Collectors should fill this line in, identifying the county being canvased. Sufficient quantities should then be printed(be sure to use full page size 8.5 x 11 as font size and border size are defined standards), allowing five names per page. Several copies should also be made with the county space left blank to be filled in when signatures, if any, are from a different county. Only signers from the county named at the top of the page may be accepted. In each of the signature sections there is a box to be checked indicating that the signer has reviewed the information on page one, about committee members and petition information. It is absolutely necessary to check this box in order for the petition to be legal and acceptable. At the very bottom of the page there is room a date and notary signature. Wait until you are in front of the notary and they have instructed you to complete before you complete this section. When you collect signatures, you must make sure the first name, middle initial, last name, address and signature match exactly with the ID provided, look over carefully error here costs signature. It is very important that you get as many signatures as possible early, while the enthusiasm is strongest. As you canvas, be sure to impress importance and strength of our project. You are the most important part of turning things right. Make sure your petitions gets to a drop center every week! Drop site information updates can be obtained at our website. When you are out collecting signature please be extra diligent to be polite, and courteous. This is a monumental task so when someone signs, ask them if they are a voter if not give them a voter registration form. Ask them if they are interested in becoming a volunteer, and would like to join you or go out on their own and collect signatures. All volunteer must signup at the website before they can collect signature but it is a simple process. If you wish when talking to signers ask them if they know who their NJ Assembly candidates are, and provide them with a brochure if you have one. THANK FOR HELPING SAVE AMERICA THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP WITHOUT YOU THIS RECALL PETITION COULD NEVER MOVE FORWARD.
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    • 6 months, 1 week ago