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Phil Murphy recall, Governor of New Jersey (2019)

( An effort to recall New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, a member of the Democratic Party, was launched on January 11, 2019.[1] The notice of intention to recall was officially approved by the state's Division of Elections on April 18, 2019. The petition was led and signed by Dr. Jenna M. Evans, Eric J. Shuttleworth, and Monica Brinson. Supporters have until March 3, 2020, to collect 1,484,358 valid signatures to force a recall election.

NJ Dem. Gov. Recall Petition Approved, Hundreds Mobilized to Get Signatures

( A petition to recall Gov. Phil Murphy (D.) was approved by the New Jersey Division of Elections after months of delays, and organizers are now mobilizing to collect enough signatures for a recall election to remove him over what they say are his misguided and radical policies.

Phil Murphy recall petition approved by the state

( TRENTON, N.J. – Can they obtain the mountain of valid signatures required to trigger a recall election? Phil Murphy’s supporters and detractors alike agree it’s a near-impossible feat, but on Thursday, the state appeared to approve a petition which those seeking to recall the first term Democrat Governor will circulate in an uphill attempt to force him out of office.

Governor Phil Murphy recall petition shows Democratic socialism is too radical, even for New Jersey

( The gears are moving in the monumental effort to recall Democratic Governor Phil Murphy in New Jersey. This follows a long string of policy changes that have many New Jerseyites scratching their heads, including declaring sanctuary state status to favor illegal immigrants over New Jersey citizens.

Petition to Recall New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Approved by State

( TRENTON,NJ-The State of New Jersey has approved a renewed petiton to recall Governor Phil Murphy. Now, the governor has five days to respond to the petition. After several earlier attempts were rejected by the state, a new recall committee led by Dr. Jenna M. Evans, Chairman of the South Jersey Young Republicans, Eric J. Shuttleworth, and Monica Brinson, former Gubernatorial candidate received the approval to recall the governor late Friday afternoon.

Gov. Phil Murphy

1.4 Million Signatures Needed to Recall New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy

( TRENTON-The topic on social media in recent weeks has revolved around what to do with Governor Phil Murphy and all of his bad decisions.   Many have questioned the peoples’ ability to recall the governor, but is that even possible?.

Gov. Phil Murphy

All petition for a Murphy recall vote needs is 1,484,358 signatures

( What do you think of Phil Murphy’s first year as governor? Three New Jersey residents believe he’s doing such a horrible job that he should be removed from office — and they’ve filed a formal petition to try and make that happen. Somerset County resident Terry Beck, one of the organizers of the petition, said New Jersey already has the highest taxes in America and we should not be forced through policies enacted by the governor to foot the bill for immigrants here illegally.

Gov Murphy SOS

Murphy recall effort not entirely futile: Bergmann

( Cynics would say the odds of getting the required number of signatures on a petition to oust Gov. Murphy from office are lower than being struck by a meteor. And they would be dead-on right.But that doesn’t mean the recall drive recently initiated by three New Jersey women will serve no useful purpose. The goal should not only be to stop Murphy, but to slow him down by educating the public about why he’s bad for New Jersey. Hopefully, that will enable voters to cast their ballots more intelligently if Murphy chooses to seek re-election in 2021.

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