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This is an Alert Thank You Volunteer Martin Welzmueller For All Of Your Wonderful Help During Your Volunteer Time With The Phil Murphy Recall. It's Unfortunate To See You Go As We Are Now Looking Forward To Our Pool Of New Volunteers. Again, Thank You For Your Time & Devotion While With Us. --- The Committee To Recall Philip Dunton Murphy What to do with Completed Circulated Petitions

To all volunteers who have currently or previously Circulated a Petition(s) for the Recall. We’ve been asked numerous times what to do with the completed petitions. From this point going forward (8/14/19) All signed petitions need to be notarized & returned to the Committee at 1409 Marlton Pike E #333, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034. If there are any concerns or problems feel free to contact the committee at [email protected] or [email protected] or for some reason you’re not able to mail it, let us know & we’ll make other arrangements. A good portion of signed petitions have not been turned in & we have no accurate way to determine the number of signatures gathered & still needed until we have all of them.

Facebook Recall Pages FYI

The Official Recall Committee address is 1409 Marlton Pike E #333, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 & [email protected] or [email protected] are the official email addresses. We would like to also let it be known that the multiple Facebook pages that are associated with the Recall are not controlled by the Recall Committee (this includes the Main page) & may be misleading. The Committee members didn’t create any of these pages & we have received no access. It appears the people that do have access are at odds with the Committee & may not be acting in the best interests of the Recall.  The end goal is to Remove Murphy! That was & is the entire reason this Committee was formed.  This website (Help Save NJ) is the one & only information hub for the Recall & the Recall Committee. We took on this fight knowing the chips were stacked against us, but never figured that even those who pose as allies would be trying to hinder our work & stop us from Removing Murphy & Saving NJ.

You Can Now Donate To The Cause In Helping Us Recall Murphy

Without an operating budget, it will be impossible to succeed in Recalling Murphy. Murphy has a near endless budget to combat the hardworking every day citizens of Our once great state. Murphy can also call on progressive heavyweights like Soros to provide him with necessary funding or to initiate smear campaigns against us. The fact that Murphy hasn't lifted a finger so far, is because he doesn't deem us a threat. We're a small grassroots, Bipartisan group with no backing from either of the main political parties in the State or any endorsements from any politician or candidates locally or nationally worth their salt! We're in contact with other states that are running their own recall efforts to remove politicians their not ideologically in agreement with & each one of them have a donor funded budget. This in part gives them the legs they need to succeed. For example in Colorado, one can't start a recall without having a certain amount of money. 

For us, we need to advertise, political signs, flyers, big venues, permits, a center to operate out of, etc.. Regardless of what everyone thinks this is a Political Committee & we have to operate like one. We all are thankful for the overwhelming support we received from the beginning. We're asking you to help us continue the fight & see this all the way through. Lets finish this! Help us Recall Murphy. Please Donate!


A Message From Recall Murphy Chairwoman Dr Jenna Evans
The Curent State of The Statehouse Is comparible to the condition our State is in.
The Curent State of The Statehouse Is comparible to the condition our State is in.
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